We have two shops in Kyoto. Please check carefully which one you are to come to. This page is for Camellia GARDEN near RYOANJI. Private tea ceremony.

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[By Taxi] Please tell your taxi driver to take you to 'Ryoanji Temple' Every taxi driver should know this because it is one of the most visited tourist areas. If not, ask him to call 075-525-3238 and we will explain. 

[From JR Kyoto station] JR West Bus to Takao/Toganoo/Shuzan via Ritsumeikan University: please get off at Ryoanji-mae. Takes about 40 minutes, and costs 230 yen.

[From Arashiyama] Keifuku Line Arashiyama station to Ryoanji via Katabirano-Tsuji(change here). Takes about 30 minutes, and costs 220 yen. 

[From Kinkakuji(Golden Pavilion)] Walk West along Kinukake Road about 15 minutes or take Kyoto City Bus #59 and get off at Ryoanji-mae

*There are not many buses that come to Ryoanji. But it's about 10 minute walk from Ritsumeikan University along Kinukake Road.

From the exit of Ryoanji Temple, cross Kinukake Road, and please go down the path, through the gate and between the bushes. (See photo below) From there, we are the large house on the right.
 When you come out from Ryoanji Temple

When you come out from Ryoanji Temple

 Best if you show this map to your taxi driver.

Best if you show this map to your taxi driver.

Camellia, GARDEN

茶道体験カメリア ガーデン(龍安寺店)

18 Ryoanji Ikenoshita-cho, Ukyo-ku, 616-8003 KYOTO


from overseas(海外より): +81-70-5656-7808

within Japan(国内より): 070-5656-7808

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM (JAPAN time)