At Camellia we are dedicated to sharing

the beautiful culture of tea with the world.


Experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony in a traditional Machiya, with some of the finest sweets and Matcha Kyoto has to offer. Watch a tea ceremony expert practice their craft, before trying it yourself!

All of our tea ceremonies are explained in fluent English.

Tea ceremony lies at the heart of Japanese culture, and to enjoy this centuries old ritual will provide a deeper understanding of the history, architecture and tastes of our home.

Guests who wish to dress in Kimono for their tea ceremony can book this service through our website.


C A M E L L I A ’ S T E A H O U S E S

SHARED Tea ceremony

Camellia Flower is located in the historical preservation neighbourhood of Ninenzaka, the heart of Higashiyama.

(3,000 yen per per person / 1,500 yen 7-12 years old)

10am / 11am / 12pm / 1pm / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm (Everyday)

45 minutes

the experience

  • Learn a little about the culture and history of tea, and discover the magic of Matcha

  • Watch an authentic tea ceremony

  • Enjoy a traditional sweet and make your own bowl of Matcha with expert guidance

  • Kimono option available, provided by Yume Kyoto Kodaiji (3000 yen + tax per person)


349-12 Masuya-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0826.

by bus

  • Higashi Yasui Bus Stop (Bus #86 / #206) - 10 mins

  • Kiyomizu-michi Bus Stop (Bus #206 / #100) - 10 mins

by train

  • Gion-Shijo Station: Keihan Line - 15 mins

nearby attractions

Ninenzaka Kiyomizu-dera temple Kodai-ji temple Maruyama Park Yasaka-jinja shrine Gion Yasaka Pagoda

private tea ceremony

Camellia Garden is located in a traditional, 100 year old Japanese house, beside Ryoan-ji temple (famed for its Zen garden).

(8,000 yen per person / 12,000 yen for 1 person)

11am / 1pm / 3pm / 5pm (We are closed on Sundays)

1 hour

the experience

  • Learn about the culture and history of tea in our beautiful sofa room (overlooking the front garden)

  • Enjoy a traditional sweet from one of Kyoto’s most famous confectioners

  • Watch an authentic tea ceremony in our tearoom (overlooking the back garden)

  • Kimono option available by request (4000 yen per person)


18 Ryoanji Ikenoshita-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 616-8003.

by bus

  • Ryoanji-mae Bus Stop (Bus #59 / JR Bus) - 1 min

by train

  • Ryoanji Station: Keifuku Randen Tram Line - 5 mins

nearby attractions

Ryoan-ji temple Kinkaku-ji ‘The Golden Pavilion’ Myoshin-ji temple Ninna-ji temple


CAMELLIA IS THRILLED TO HAVE BEEN AWARDED TRIPADVISOR’s Certificate of excellence for the fifth year running!

Thanks to all our guests for your love and support.

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