Camellia - Trailer

The Japanese tea ceremony is the way to welcome guests in the most elegant and simple procedure. Purify yourself, enjoy a bowl of Matcha green tea in a calm and quiet environment.

First TV appearance - NOTTV「旅☆旅コロッケ隆治」12/JUL/2014

We were also featured on a TV and the most popular comedians joined our tea ceremony ! This video shows how you can enjoy it with us.

- Why do the Japanese drink bitter tea?(26May2015)

Japan's one of the biggest broadcasting TBS needed a tea master to explain why we make a tea with ceremonial manner, and I was picked!

-Tea ceremony and electronic music?(Ultra Japan 2015)

Contributing to a gorgeous image video for worldwide music festival 

-Why Did You Come to Japan?(22Aug2016)

Jeremie from Montreal visited us to experience tea ceremony. Great tips to go around Uji area for tea lovers too! (Oh and there's a huge problem with my kimono.., please excuse me about it.) Camellia part starts at around 31'. Enjoy :)

SQUARE - globally expanding company

Camellia's very reliable partner created a gorgeous promotion video.

SQUARE ver.2 - Cool Kyoto by Square 2014