*** SAKURA time is filling up! Availability from 24th March to 16th April ***update 22FEB

MARCH                                               APRIL

24th ((fully booked))                      1st ((fully booked))       9th ((fully booked))

25th 11:00/13:00                           2nd ((fully booked))     10th ((fully booked))

26th ((fully booked))                      3rd ((fully booked))      11th ((fully booked)) 

27th ((fully booked))                      4th ((fully booked))      12th 11:00/17:00       

28th ((fully booked))                      5th ((fully booked))      13th 15:00

29th ((fully booked))                      6th ((fully booked))      14th ((fully booked)) 

30th ((fully booked))                      7th ((fully booked))      15th ((fully booked))     

31st  ((fully booked))                       8th ((fully booked))      16th ((fully booked))                                                                                                                                                     

Camellia GARDEN is only for PRIVATE tea ceremony.

Please confirm you are making a reservation with Camellia GARDEN (PRIVATE tea ceremony) *
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Reservation Date (MONTH/DATE/YEAR please) *Closed on Sundays *
Reservation Date (MONTH/DATE/YEAR please) *Closed on Sundays
Children under 6 years old and younger are free of charge (Comes with a sweet but no tea because of strong caffeine)
Advanced payment required. Please complete your payment in a week after making a reservation.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation and changes can only be accepted by 12:00 noon the previous day of your reservation. *