KIMONO + TEA CEREMONY PLAN [Reservation Required]

For those wishing to experience tea ceremony wearing traditional Kimono, we have a partnership with the nearby Yume-Kyoto Kimono Rental store.


  • Yume-Kyoto is just a minute’s walk from Camellia Flower and has over 200 Kimono to choose from, in a wide variety of colours and designs.

  • Typically Yume-Kyoto charges 5000-yen for their Kimono plan, but will discount this to 3000 yen for Camellia Flower customers. Please note that this 3000-yen should be paid directly to Yume-Kyoto and is in addition to the tea ceremony charge.

  • When booking with Yume-Kyoto, please explain that it is part of your Camellia Flower tea ceremony.

  • Yume-Kyoto offers some wonderful additional services, such as hairstyling (+1500 yen), makeup (+3000-5000 yen) and professional photos in the local area (please ask at Yume-Kyoto for a precise costing).

  • Please note that it takes about an hour for staff to dress you in Kimono. Thus you will need to arrive at Yume-Kyoto least an hour before your tea ceremony reservation.

  • The last session for which we can accept customers using this Kimono Plan is at 16:00. Yume-Kyoto closes at 17:00 and guests will need to return to the store by 17:30 at the latest.

  • Please note that in Japan all prices come with an additional Consumption Tax (currently 8%).