KIMONO PLAN [Reservation Required]

Kimono rental is provided by Yume Kyoto Kodai-ji. Their shop is a 1 minute walk from Camellia Flower teahouse.

To reserve Kimono, please select the box ‘Kimono Rental’ on our checkout page. We will make the appointment at Yume Kyoto Kodai-ji for you, 1 hour before your tea ceremony.

Kimono rental costs 3000 Yen (+ TAX) per person.

this can be paid on arrival at yume kyoto kodai-ji.

  • Kimono rental for Camellia guests is 3000 yen + tax. Payment should be made on arrival at Yume Kyoto Kodai-ji (Camellia does not take payment for Kimono rental).

  • Appointments will be made 1 hour before your tea ceremony is due to start (please let us know if you would prefer an earlier appointment time). The last appointment time at Yume Kyoto Kodaiji for Camellia guests is at 3pm (tea ceremony starting at 4pm).

  • Yume Kyoto Kodaiji closes at 5pm, and guests must return Kimono by this time.

  • Yume Kyoto Kodaiji also provides additional services, such as hairstyling and make-up, at an additional cost. These can be requested upon arrival.

  • Unfortunately Kyoto Kodaiji cannot provide Kimono for pregnant women, due to the shape of the Kimono and the way in which the Kimono are bound.