Our Friends

Camellia has close friendships with a handful of other businesses offering cultural experiences in Kyoto, that we feel would be of interest to our guests. We’d like to introduce a few of them here.


Samurai Juku

Wear traditional kimono and hakama to really look the part. Learn about the history of swords in Japan, and how they influenced samurai culture. Experience wielding a samurai sword under the guidance of a master of Iaido, the ancient art of samurai swordplay. Discover how to safely unsheathe and sheathe a sword without looking. Finally, use a real samurai sword to slice through a roll of tatami.

IKEbana-Japanese Flower arrangement

Kimiko, a master of flower arrangement, offers a lovely Ikebana experience. With her guidance, you will discover another point of view when you see the nature and Western style of flower arrangement. Why don't you take a tint of Japanese beauty in your home?

They also offers a calligraphy and tea ceremony lesson.



Cooking sun

Why not try your hand at cooking traditional Japanese food! Cooking Sun offers lessons from a professional chef, not only home cooking but bento and izakaya styles.