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Yoga, Vegetable Lunch & Petit Cooking Class

  • Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN 18 Ryoanji-Ikenoshitacho, Ukyoku Kyoto 616-8003 Japan (map)

We are excited to invite you to join us at Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN for our next Yoga event, this time featuring a Seasonal Vegetable Lunch! This session will begin at 11am on 18th November.


Instructor Hiroshi Tetsukawa will guide you through a 90 minute Yoga session, designed to help relax the body, clear the mind, and re-energise you for the week ahead.

The class has been tailored to suit all levels, so whether you are an absolute beginner or regular practitioner, be sure to come along and enjoy peaceful exercise and contemplation. 


Following the Yoga, our chef Chika Yoshida will prepare a series of delicious vegetable dishes.

Chika uses only the finest, fresh, seasonal vegetables in her cooking, and has designed a menu without eggs, milk, fish or meat.

To finish the afternoon Chika will present a short cooking class so that you can enjoy some of her recipes at home.

For this event, the Yoga instruction will be in Japanese only. 
We look forward to welcoming you soon. 


◎Date: 18th November at 11:00 am
◎Place: Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN
 11:00~12:30 Yoga
 12:30~14:00   Lunch
◎Fee: 5,800yen
◎Capacity: 10 people
◎Things to bring: a comfortable outfit, a water bottle for hydration, a towel and Yoga mat*.
 *If you don't have a yoga mat, it is fine to use a bath towel. 
 For an extra 300 yen we can provide you with a yoga mat for the session.
 Please let us know in advance if you would like to do this. 
◎If you want to join the event, or if you have any inquiries, please send us an email.
◎Photo taking:
 During the event we may take some photos to put on our social media pages.
 Please let us know if you would prefer not to be included in such materials.


Sports instructor
Yoga Teacher Manoj Rawat
The founder - Sunshine Yoga School in Rishikesh, India and Manoj Rawat has one purpose- To spread education on three levels –Physically, Mentally and Spiritually to everyone so that they can solve their life problems; and enjoy the beauty of Life.

Chika Yoshida
‘I am the founder of "料理と暮らしBran※ Cooking and Living Bran※”.
10 years ago, while living in Toyama with my family, I first held a class based on how to cook with rice bran (Furikake/Nukanosuke). From then on I became dedicated to promoting healthy eating & helping people to understand the importance in choosing the right kind of foods. Nowadays I hold cooking classes at my home and off-site, and I also organise food seminars and other events.
Through cooking, I want to help people better explore foods, showing them that healthy eating can be fun and delicious. I hope you’ll join me on this culinary journey.