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The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki ~the first chapter Kiritsubo~

  • Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN 18 Ryoanji Ikenoshita-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto city JAPAN (map)

We are very excited to invite you to join us at Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN for the first of our Tale of Genji events. Tomoko Yamashita will be performing the first chapter of this epic story from 1pm on 21st October. Uniquely, Ms Yamashita will be reading the text in an authentic Kyoto dialect, just as the original would have been first heard in the Heian Period.

The Tale of Genji, known as Genji Monogatari in Japanese, is a masterpiece of literature. Written by Murasaki Shibiku at the very beginning of the 11th century, the work is considered the world’s first true novel.
Unfolding over 54 chapters, The Tale of Genji also includes 800 poems (‘Waka' in Japanese).

For our first event Ms Yamashita will be performing the first chapter, ‘Kiritsubo’ (in English this chapter is often translated as ‘The Paulownia Court’). While the performance itself will be in Japanese, the introduction & discussion before and after will be in both English and Japanese.

It is our intention to make this a regular event, chapter by chapter, so even if you are new to The Tale of Genji we do hope you will come & explore this fascinating story of romance & palace intrigue with us. 

During the event we will be offering Matcha & sweets. Seiryo, the well-known sweet shop, will be creating custom sweets for the event, tailoring the taste & appearance to match the chapter. 

We hope to welcome you soon. Let us travel back to the Heian period together.
◎Date: 21st October at 13:00
◎Place: Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN
    13:00~13:40 Discussing the Tale of Genji (Japanese sweets and Matcha)
    14:00~15:30 The Tale of Genji Performance
◎Fee: 5,000yen
◎Chapter: Chapter 1 ~ Kiritsubo ~
◎Capacity: 30 people
◎If you would like to join the event, or if you have any further enquiries, please send us an email.
◎Photo taking:
During the event we may take some photos to put on our social media pages. Please let us know if you would prefer not to be included in such material.
[Story teller Tomoko YAMASHITA]
Born in Kyoto, Tomoko Yamashita is a theater and TV actor. For many years she has been performing The Tale of Genji storytelling events around the country, dedicating herself to preserving the authentic Kyoto dialect for posterity.